Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Nightie Has Officially Made Me a Woman

My cute new nightie
Today I was at KMart to buy some necessities and noticed a long row of $4.99 sale racks outside.  Of course the bargain hunter in me was itching to see if there was anything to be had.  I ended up finding a cute light blue tube top nightie with these colorful hearts on it.

After putting on the new nightie tonight, I've decided to say goodbye to the t-shirt and sweats night time uniform for good.  Well, even if I wanted to, I couldn't even sleep in t-shirt and sweats because of the summer heat wave we've been having here in San Diego.  It's actually tempted me to just sleep naked.  I'm sure my guy would love that!

After I wrote about getting out of the nightwear rut, I've been inspired to shop for fun and flirty pajamas;  something I could sleep in and even just wear around the house during the day.  I was browsing the nightwear for women at and can't seem to get away from the black and white horizontal stripes.  I could even wear this nightie with leggings and call it a day.  Being a practical person, I'm all for buying clothing that can do double duty.

Nightwear for women at Ellos

I guess now you can say that I've officially become a "woman".  I care that my underwear and bra matches and I like to shop for lingerie and nighties.  A whole new world has opened up for me!  Now I just have to go through my drawers to make room for a lingerie and nightwear wardrobe...and maybe order a Victoria's Secret catalog too while I'm at it.  My mom and best friend will be proud :)

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  1. I like cute sleepwear (haven't reached the matching bra/underwear point, yet), however it must be comfortable. Which brands do you recommend to please both me and the man? Thanks!