Thursday, October 27, 2011

The San Diego Thread Show Adventure

THREAD Show San Diego Fall 2011

In a perfect world every fashion designer would be famous because I came across so many creative minds at the recent THREAD Show in San Diego who should be world renowned!

If you don't know, the THREAD Show showcases indie fashion, or emerging fashion designers, and takes place in several cities. The Fall/Winter tour started in San Diego a few weeks ago with a show in Seattle this past weekend and upcoming shows in Los Angeles (11/13/11) and San Francisco (11/20/11).

To be honest, the show was a big whirlwind, and I often feel sensory overload at these types of shopping events. Shoppers everywhere, fashionable people showing off their unique style, and color, color, color! I should have had a drink at the bar to relax a little bit, but I also wanted to be clear-minded as I took in everything as this was my first time attending.

I met some talented designers who inspired me to be even more creative with my own handcrafted beaded jewelry. There were many jewelry designers at this show and each one of them had something unique to offer.

I love the rings by honey my heart...

honey my heart jewelry

Loulou & Elvis have a collection that combines edgy and elegance...

Loulou & ELVIS Jewelry

I love the bold gemstones from Liz Larios' collection...

Liz Larios Jewelry

St. James FootwearAlthough the majority of the designers were women, it was nice to see that the men represented as well. The comfortably luxe look of St. James Footwear caught my eye. I'm hoping the brand comes out with a women's collection soon because I am all for having a nice pair of flats or boat shoes!

In addition to all the fashion vendors at the show, there were artists painting a mural, the Diesel Salon where shoppers could get their hair styled, as well as a photo lounge if you really wanted the full fashion experience. Who doesn't secretly want to be a model, even if it's just for a minute?

Check out all the photos I took from the event at the Beauty Is Within Facebook page!

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