Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Return of the 30-Day Hair Challenge: Day 1

A couple years back around this time of year I started a 30-Day Hair Challenge for myself, which I failed at. Well, I've decided to start this challenge up again after coming across so many cute hairstyles while browsing Pinterest. You can see all the different hairstyles I've pinned on my beauty board.

One of my favorite hairstyles that I tried out the other day is the one pictured here to the right (via

To kick off this new 30-Day Hair Challenge, I decided to go to Supercuts to get my haircut. I just wanted to add some layers to my already long hair - nothing fancy or high maintenance. I know some people say that you can't get a good, quality haircut from a place like Supercuts, but I was not too concerned about it. At this point, any haircut was better than what I was dealing with, which was boring, weighed-down, and tangled hair.

I didn't have the stylist blow dry or style my hair after she cut it, so this is what it looks like au natural...

The Return of the 30-Day Hair Challenge

I'm actually pretty happy with this haircut. It looks a little choppy, but once I flat iron it, I think it will be ok.

Want to participate in this 30-Day Hair Challenge? You can join the group on Flickr and upload your pics by visiting: I will be posting updates every few days or so here on this blog, but you can follow all my hairstyles every day on this group page.


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