Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Unusual Spring Fashion On The Way

Cake Inspired Fashion Editorial
Photo Credit: POP Magazine

This is shaping up to be one of the more unusual springs in fashion history. In addition to the already established peculiarities and eccentricities that are out there, such as rooster feathers, sequin insanity, and rompers, there are new styles coming into vogue that could have hardly been anticipated. When people used to think of future garments, they imagined monochrome trenchcoats and robes. It's turning out to be way more eclectic, colorful, and socio-economically varied. Here's a quick breakdown of how this will be one of the more interesting springs to dress for:

Clothes for storing your mobile devices. That's right, expect some men's clothing stores to begin carrying lines of garments that have pockets and crannies that can fit entire iPads and digital tablets. Known as “tactical” pants, these tablet-friendly trousers will likely merge with unisex cargo pants and begin making way for smaller, more expertly concealed devices. Only time will tell how comfortable and secure the pants will be when you're lugging around your gear. Maybe it'd be best to sit this play out and just get a computer bag for your iPad.

Animal art. You may have noticed that there are more and more clothes that feature animal art these days. This trend isn't going anywhere and it won't be contained to just bird drawings. Expect the patterns and textures reminiscent of jungle and sahara animals to crop up on dresses.

Cake inspired fashion. That's right, cake is beginning to influence color schemes and garment dimensions. Triggered by the POP Moon Dust Is Icing Sugar editorial, we've begun to see a plethora of dresses, shirts, and styles that take their cues from colorful pastries and wedding cakes. Bright pastel colors, sprinkled glitter, rainbow sheen, and cotton candy textures are all part of the celebration.

Vivienne Westwood Spring Global Punk Fashion
Photo Credit:  Interview Magazine
Punk warrior fashion. Think of it as the natural merger between hipster fashion, a Burning Man survival ethos, and futuristic steampunk. The punk warrior look may not hit the mainstream, but in many niche communities expect to begin seeing ensembles that showcase faux battle gear, haute helmets, steampunk-inspired post-apocalyptic apparatus, and spikes. Maybe imagine Mad Max, Adam Lambert, and a gladiator mixed together. Great dinner party getup!

As you can see, this could be one of the more unusual springs in recent history. It remains to be seen whether any of these trends will ultimately stick, but with social media as the sounding board they'll get their shot at fashion world soon enough.


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