Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting Out of the Hairstyle Comfort Zone

Blue Hair Flairs Color Rub

Ok, so I’ve failed the 30-day hairstyle challenge...again! I couldn’t create a different hairstyle each day because after the first couple weeks I just started getting lazy and didn’t want to spend the time doing my hair different each day.

However, one thing I have done - and very proud of - is step out of my comfort zone. My plain black hair got a shot of color for one day. I added a little Hair Flairs Color Rub in blue. Yes, daring, right?! At least for me it was! I added it subtly and only to a couple sections on the side to frame my face.

The Color Rub is packaged like eye shadow, which you rub into your hair by gliding a section of hair across it. It’s recommended that you wear rubber gloves while doing this. Another tip provided by the company is that you use a leave-in conditioner prior to using the Color Rub so that it will act as a primer and spread the color evenly.

I thought I was going to look weird with the blue streaks, but this little experiment with color has me thinking that I want to get maroon or dark violet streaks on my next visit to the salon. Hmmmm....


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