Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to Do a Dark Lip Without Going to the Dark Side

The New York Met Gala, which took place on May 7th, was awash with the very best celebrities, including singing sensations Rihanna and Lana Del Ray, stunning models Gisele and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and a good smattering of gorgeous actresses in between. However, one trend really bridged the career boundaries: the wine-coloured lip.

With her hair swept up in a chic bun, actress Kate Bosworth's almost purple pout was free to take centre stage while Jessica Alba took the opposite route bound for glamoursville by releasing her cascading waves to afford her darkest red lip tint the drama it deserved. The celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe left onlookers in no doubt that the trend was a winner, sporting claret-blushed lips herself; it was a striking contrast to her flowing white gown.

To recreate this star-studded trend, make sure the skin provides a base that is as close to perfection as possible by using a foundation with good coverage. Using a lip liner in the same shade as the chosen lipstick will ensure an even shape; a must for colours this dark. Blue-tinted purples make teeth appear whiter, while cherry-based wine colours brighten pale skin.
The right outfit is also important when pulling off this look. Evening dresses can be dark but need to have a fun, brightening element like a bit of sparkle or an on-trend shape, like the ones available at La Redoute, lighter colours give the trend a great ethereal edge. You can have a look at La Redoute’s dress range here:
Don't follow in the ill-conceived steps of Miss Del Ray and Camille Belle by including other gothic elements in your look. Lana wore a black cape over her dazzling silver dress while Camille's almost black lip took her very dark hair and eyebrows into goth territory.


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