Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stylin' at the Del Mar Horse Races

The weather has certainly taken a turn towards hotness in my corner of the earth. Well, for us San Diegans, it's hot! Even at the Del Mar horse racing track, which is only a block from the ocean, we could feel the sun beating down on us. The day called for a light, flowy outfit topped with a wide brim hat.

Anything light and airy is a must for any hot day!

The top is from Forever 21 and the wide-legged pants are from a small, local boutique (forgot the name). I've received many compliments on the pants. They remind me of the palazzo pants I used to wear back in the early 90's. I also wore them during my vacation in Sedona, Arizona a few months ago...

What do you like to wear on hot summer days?


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  1. GeorgiaBite1:37 AM

    You look gorgeous! Love the hat!!

    1. Thanks so much!!