Tuesday, September 25, 2012

3 Careers in the Fashion Industry That Will Never Go Away

Jamie Lyon
Credit: Jamie Lyon by Rob Boudon, on Flickr

As I was watching videos of runway shows the other day, the Arisotle in me started to wonder how shows would look like in the future. How would the fashion industry be? Would fashion and beauty bloggers still exist? (I hope so!) If you've just graduated from high school and contemplating your future or you're just thinking about going on another path, what type of career should you consider for the long-term? I concluded that these three careers would probably still exist 50-100 years from now...

1) Fashion designer - Unless people decide that we should go back to wearing fig leaves or it gets so hot that people feel that walking around naked is ok, a career in fashion design is something you can bank on in the future. Unique and innovative designers will be in demand. I predict that because of the Internet there will be many independent designers out there, but it couldn't hurt to study at fashion design school and intern at a major label or brand.

2) Makeup Artist - The majority of women cannot live without their makeup, and as long as makeup is around, there will be a need for professionals to help us apply it or teach us how to apply it. Makeup artists are needed for weddings, photo shoots, and special events - which will occur for eternity...Unless all women wake up one day and decide that they are fine with their natural beauty! If you're thinking about a career as a makeup artist, you could attend a beauty school like The Session School where you could get hands-on experience.

Photo by AvedaCorp on Flickr3) Hair stylist - Women will always need their hair cut, colored, and styled. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about that. Well, unless our DNA changes and we don't grow hair in the future.

Whatever career you pursue in the fashion industry, I highly recommend attending a fashion or beauty school so that you can learn from professionals. Well, you could probably get away without going to a fashion school, but if you are going to become a hair stylist, you will need a cosmetology license.

What do you think? What other careers in the fashion industry will still be around in the future?


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