Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How To Nail the First Date

A Look In the Mirror

This is a guest post by Amy Rutter

Going on a first date can be a nerve wracking experience for even the most confident of us. On a first date, every detail of a person is judged, physically and mentally – and we’re all guilty of it. It’s what you’re there to do, really, you have one evening to judge the other person and decide if you want to see them again. So if you want to impress your date, there are some subtle things that you can do to bag a second rendezvous.

Getting ready

When people deny that looks are important, they’re lying. Not to put the pressure on here, but for first impressions at least, looks are all you have to go by. So firstly, you need to dress fittingly for the occasion. For example, don’t wear a cocktail dress to the cinema or a denim jacket to a top notch restaurant. But you also need to wear something to suit your shape – and most importantly, whether it be a super sexy dress, playsuit or a onesie (hey, whatever does it for you), be comfortable. Don’t wear something completely out of the ordinary, because it just won’t be you, and you won’t enjoy yourself.

If you’re going to show a bit of leg, cover up your chest and vice versa. You don’t want everything on show – leave something to the imagination! And on that point, some cunning choices can get his imagination racing. Naked skin, whether it’s your neck or forearm will start making him think of being naked. Nude shoes will have the same effect, based on the colour of them alone. Yes, men really are that predictable.

Hair and make-up should be on the natural side of glam. You don’t want to go over the top and end up looking like Lily Savage, unless that’s your thing, but you do want to look like you’ve made some effort. Aim for pretty but understated.

The date

Now that you’re ready, we need to tackle the date itself. Research has shown that men are more attracted to women who smile. So smile! Being happy is an appealing trait. If he starts talking about his dead cat (although hopefully he won’t), stop smiling. It’s not appropriate to smile throughout the entire date.

Keep eye contact with your date and think about your body language. Don’t cross your arms or position your body away from him. These subtle signals will be picked up by him, even subconsciously. Be interested and be interesting. Talk about your interests to find common ground. Does he share your penchant for crazy golf and collecting My Little Ponies? Yes? That’s a little worrying.

When you say goodbye, pay attention to how he approaches the situation and how you feel about it. Does he go in for a hug? A kiss? The dreaded handshake? And are you sad that it’s over or breathing a sigh of relief? You can figure out a lot about each other and whether a second date is likely to be on the cards from these final few moments. If you want a second date, make it clear. Tell him you had a great time and you’d love to see him again. If not, thank your lucky stars it’s over and run for your life. You’ve got to get home quickly to prepare for going through this all again with someone else.


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