Wednesday, March 27, 2013

4 Tips For Finding the Right Bra

As I've probably mentioned before, I am not a bra and panty shopper. I never really used to care whether or not my bra and underwear matched. I would also wear bras way past their expiration date. That is, if bras had expiration dates.

That said, I've been on a mission to buy sexier underwear to look good in the bedroom, if you know what I mean :)

But now as I get older, I'm well aware of gravity and how it can start to work on a woman's body - especially "the girls". Oprah's show about bras awhile back opened up my eyes to the importance of wearing a bra that fits correctly.

Vanity Fair Lingerie has a few easy tips to help you find the right fit:

1) Get Measured: Consult a professional fitter—many are available right where you buy your bra and the proper fit makes all the difference.

2) Stay Focused: Once you know your size, think through what you’re looking for in a bra. Do you need something for a strapless dress or perhaps a daily bra with added boost? Knowing what you want before you start shopping will help you focus.

3) Be Patient: Buying a bra takes time just like jeans or a bathing suit, no two vendors fit the same. Be prepared to try on lots of different bras to find the perfect fit. Once you find the bra for you, keep the garment tag with the style number and size in your wallet — this way you can buy a pretty new color or stock up on the basics whenever you please without having to go through the whole process again!

4) Find Support: Only 10% of your support should come from shoulder straps. The bra band (the part that wraps around your back, holding the cups in place) should provide 90% of the support. If you’re lacking support, try a bra with a wider band.

Not sure how to tell if you’re well supported? Keep this in mind: The center of a woman’s breast should sit between her shoulder and elbow when she is wearing a properly fitted bra.

I am not a big fan underwire bras, but I've found out that I can still get good support and a little cleavage by wearing push-up bras. I was sent the Vassarette Soft ‘N Smooth Microfiber bra (pictured above) to try out, which is really comfortable. Usually I'm fiddling with my bra throughout the day, but I washed the car and even took a nap with it on without any issues. I have it in white, but other colors are available including Black Sable, Vass Latte, Wild Cheetah, Jubilant Turquoise, and Charming Rose. It's available at Walmart and other retailers.

What tips would you add on finding the right bra?


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  1. My fave bra! Very comfy but I notice that with time it begins to lose its shape. Still, better than most. I would definitely purchase bali 2283