Monday, April 8, 2013

Interview With a Makeup Artist: Dr. G Is On a Mission to Provide "Beauty Care"

Gina 'Dr. G' Charles

Gina Charles is not just any makeup artist. Gina is also a doctor who is on a mission to provide what she calls "beauty care" to help boost the self-esteem of women who are dealing with cancer. I was fortunate to connect with her on Twitter and felt compelled to learn more about her story. Here is my interview with her...

What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

During graduate school, I was approached by a fellow makeup artist to assist her with a large wedding. Although I enjoyed learning about makeup from her, I had never did makeup professionally. After some training, I went on to assist her a few more times. A few years later, I moved away to start medical school. Based on my experiences with her clients I was inspired: I observed how the women were glowing after their makeup was completed. It was not simply a matter of looking good but I noticed they were feeling good about themselves.

At that point I started to engulf myself in the craft and began to study and practice. I realized I had a natural knack for makeup. And most importantly I was and presently chase that feeling women get after they see themselves in the mirror when their makeup has been completed. Over the years, this led to photo shoots, makeup gigs with women, men, & a transgender person, as well as weddings, and workshops of my own.

Additionally, I wanted to merge my passions for medicine and makeup, so I volunteered my services doing makeup on breast cancers survivors. I am interested in developing my role as a 'Beauty Care' provider. Beauty care aims at promoting self-esteem and quality of care in women who may be experiencing unfavorable side effects of chemotherapy.

What is your definition of inner beauty?

Since I am a practitioner of science, I generally want to measure and quantify everything. However, inner beauty is definitely one of those human qualities that cannot be quantified. It is something that one knows and feels when they are in the presence of it. It is my belief that it is defined through the way one feels. It then transcends their expression, movement, behavior, and overall well-being into a jovial and positive manner.

Hence, when one is confident/happy, they will exude positive energy, and positive energy is magnetic. One knows when they are in the presence of true confidence and happiness because the energy of said person attracts others to them in that moment. The French writer Voltaire said it best “[outward] beauty pleases the eyes only; sweetness of disposition charms the soul.” As a makeup artist, I am genuinely interested in helping to craft and honing confidence of women so that they may feel good about themselves.

What is your #1 makeup tip?

Always keep a quick stash of makeup for when you're on the go!

Learn more about Dr. G by visiting her website: You can also contact her at: info [at]


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  1. Is she a makeup artist or doctor? ;)

    1. Hi Lisa,

      She is a makeup artist AND a doctor :)

  2. Hi!,
    Thanks for sharing this valuable interview with us. It was a great read. I would definitely checkout her website. I would like to learn more about her makeup tips. Thanks again.