Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Love this! (Available at marlows-diamonds.co.uk)

Have you ever really looked at diamonds and wondered why women treasure them so much? I sit here staring at the diamond on my finger, it’s beauty and sparkle putting me in a trance. Regardless of how much light hits it, it still shines bright. Even in the dark, it still shines. No matter what angle you look at it, it still shines.

Do you think of yourself as a diamond? Do you shine bright regardless of what’s going on in your life? Do you shine even through dark times?

There are women, though, who use big diamonds to cover up their insecurities. They want to detract from the pain and hurt they feel inside, so diamonds do that for them. There are women who want the big diamond on that ring finger, hoping that it will somehow make their life complete. The bigger the diamond, the more love (or so she thinks) that the man has for her. While that may be true - and there are many men whose love does equate to a big diamond - a big diamond ring doesn’t really mean anything to someone like me. I’d actually much prefer eternity rings like the ones here because for me they represent never ending love. Everyone has a preference and diamonds have different meanings for everybody.

Perhaps that’s why so many of us women love diamonds. Just like the other clothing and accessories we wear, diamonds are an expression of ourselves and represent our inner and outer beauty. And that’s fine if you can stand confident and not rely on material items to define your worth as opposed to expressing your unique style.

So now when I look at a diamond or shop for diamonds online, I no longer have the love/hate feelings that I’ve talked about before. I just tell myself that they’re just like any other piece of jewelry that people wear. I can’t control how people are obsessed with diamonds and the celebrities who wear them. All I can do is write about them and hope to inspire women into believing that they ARE the diamonds they’ve been looking for all along.

So until the next millenium when perhaps we’ll find another gemstone to compare ourselves to, we’ll just continue to sing Rihanna’s song...

“...So shine bright, tonight you and I

We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky

Eye to eye, so alive

We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky...”


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