Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Secret to High Style on a Budget


How do you keep up with fashion trends and look stylish every season if you’re on a budget?

Keeping up with fashion trends is nice, but sometimes it can actually be more expensive than buying pricier clothing. You want your look to be updated, so you spend the money on what you think are cheaper items, but then these pieces start to look and feel worn out more quickly. Then you end up throwing or giving them away only to go on another shopping spree and spending more of that hard-earned dollar. I like The Budget Fashionista’s explanation of the cost per wear ratio, which is something to think about before buying any clothing item.

I believe the secret to having high style on a budget is mixing classic, quality clothing that lasts a long time with less expensive, trendy pieces. That way, you don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe every season.

Go-to classic pieces could include a v-neck cardigan in several colors, a little black dress, a long-sleeve collared blouse, tunics, nice slacks, and pencil skirts. Pair any of these with more contemporary pieces to create a look that is polished, comfortable, and uniquely you.

You could wear these fun tops with a long pencil skirt and the low-heeled pumps that are in fashion this spring season...

Vero Moda Gradiance Shot Sleeve Top - £22.00 - from Javelin Retail -...

Vero Moda Vero Moda Makia Cap Top
Tops are from the Vera Moda range available at Javelin Online.

Speaking of Vera Moda, I watched their latest YouTube catwalk video, and just about every outfit featured is an example of what I mean about mixing classic and trendy pieces. What I like is that these outfits can still be age appropriate for an “older” woman like me.

I’m fortunate to live in a city with many fashion outlets where you can score deals on designer clothing, but isn’t it great that we now have a plethora of websites for bargain hunting? We’re no longer limited by the fashion and style in our own country either.

So, ladies, what is your secret to high style on a budget? Share them via comments below!


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