Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5 Cute iPhone Cases For the Stylish Fashionista

Trying on an outfit in Target

The mobile phone has become a staple in the handbags of fashionistas and fashion bloggers. I often try to remember what we did before mobile phones. Without them, how could we easily take a picture of our outfits and quickly post and share it with our social networks? What would our world be like without the obligatory self-portrait taken in the bathroom or dressing room after trying on a cute outfit?

It wasn’t too long ago that mobile phones cost an arm and a leg and were just used to talk to people while on the go, but now you can buy cheap mobile phones and a plethora of cute cell phone cases to pretty them up. Just like the accessories and clothing we wear, the mobile phone is now as much of a fashion statement. In my search for a new case for my iPhone, I came across these stylish phone cases...

I love fun and whimsical designs, so this black and white iPhone case by DUE SOLI ($60, caught my eye...

When you go out for a night on the town, but don’t want to miss that text or call from the friends you’re meeting up with, this cute little patent purse case has an opening so you can easily see who is calling you without having to constantly take your phone out of your purse. (Luxury Fashion, $105)

I really like this stylish case for the iPhone 5 with the bedazzled pearl details and rhinestones...(, $30)

This Pandamimi silver and crystal rhinestone hard case for the iPhone 4/4S is simple, yet very stylish...(, $3.69)

Ok, this is a little biased of me to include this case that I personally designed, but why not? I recently signed up for to offer my Instagram photos for sale, and they recently added iPhone cases as part of their products. This particular design is a collage of flower photos I’ve taken...(, $39.95)

Which of these stylish iPhone cases do you like?


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