Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dare to Be a Colorful Bride

Blue sapphire diamond and black gold ring
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In my last post about wedding fashion, I talked about wedding jewelry with the assumption that you would choose the traditional jewelry consisting of diamonds, but I completely forgot about colored diamonds and gemstones as options.

Brightly colored sapphires have always held a very coveted place in most women's jewelry collections. There is just something about the bright hues that draws you in and with sapphires, bolder is often better. Your jewelry says a lot about you - when you want to stand out, the simple clear cut diamond just won't do. From bracelets to pendants these colored gemstones have made their trademark in fashion, and now they are prepared to take the bridal world by storm.

These bright colored stones have long since been a favorite for engagement ring settings, though they are now finding their place in the wedding band department. These rings can be stand alone items, or they can be matched in a set with the engagement ring itself. However you choose to show off your wedding bling, it is an undeniable fact that you are sure to be the envy of your friends.

While you can buy sapphire rings in a variety of colors, there is one that stands alone from the crowd. Pink sapphire wedding rings are a popular choice for the fashionable and feminine bride. Pink sapphires come in a vast array of shades and, like their diamond counterparts, can be cut into many different shapes and placed in a whole host of settings. These fair stones provide the perfect subtle touch to any wedding band.

Remember that cut and setting are not the only things that sapphires have in common with diamonds. Keep in mind when shopping for that special wedding day must-have, that color and clarity are still important. The brighter the stone and the less cloudy the color, the better the stone is in quality.

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Sapphire rings, depending on the size, clarity, and cut, can also be much lighter on your wallet than the traditional diamond tends to be. While the right ring may not come cheap, you may still find yourself paying a little less than you would when purchasing a band inset with diamonds. Though sapphires can be pricier if the stone is of finest quality, it really all comes down to how much you want to stand out from the crowd.

Remember when shopping that a colored diamond and a sapphire are two very different stones. The colored diamond, once very popular, is now giving way in sales to the sapphire and other precious colored stones. So be sure to ask your jewelry store clerk for help in picking the ring that is right for you, and to make sure you know the difference in the stones and what you're paying for. Try not be intimidated by the variety, costs and choices. Take the time you need to work with your budget and your own wants and needs.

Every bride wants to stand out, and what better way than through your jewelry? Your wedding ring will be seen every day by everyone that you meet - it shouldn't be bland and boring. Dare to stand out, make a statement and be fashion forward.


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