Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Skincare All-In-One: The FOREO Luna

Foreo Luna Review

I have a confession to make. As much as I talk about not worrying about getting older and being obsessed with looking younger, I admit that lately I've been slightly concerned with the wrinkles, lines, and sags on my face. I think it's the dry skin more than anything that has become very annoying.

I've been wanting to try out different tools that promise to help keep my face looking fresh and youthful. Because I'm such a low-maintenance (kindof) gal, I've been on a mission to find a device that can accomplish a few things in one. I love the NuFace Trinity, but don't like that I have to apply gel on my face before I have to use it, and then have to keep buying gel when it runs out. The Spa Sonic has been great, but the brushes have to be cleaned often so they don't harbor bacteria.

Enter the FOREO Luna that provides exfoliation, cleansing, and anti-aging all in a little travel size skincare device...

Foreo Luna Silicone Touch Points

The entire surface of the Luna is made of silicone with the front of the device designed for cleansing the face. Apply your favorite facial cleanser, wet the Luna, and run it over your face. It delivers these vibrating pulses that are supposed to stimulate blood flow beneath the surface, unclog pores, and lift away dead skin cells.

At first it feels awkward and you start to wonder if something vibrating on your face can actually help exfoliate and clean your skin. So what I did was not use the Luna for a week to see if I noticed a difference and just washed my face with the cleanser. Well, the dry skin came back. When I use the Luna my skin just feels so much smoother.

Foreo Luna Anti-aging Side

The back of the Luna is the "anti-aging" side, which helps relax the muscles in the face. You adjust the device to the lower vibration by pressing the button twice, then place and hold it for about 12 seconds on the areas of the face that are prone to lines and wrinkles. If anything, it just feels good, especially on the area right between the eyebrows.

What I like about the Luna is that it's practically maintenance-free - no brushes to clean. The silicone is nonporous and feels soft to the skin. It's also super lightweight and can easily fit in my makeup bag for travel.

The Luna is available in white for ultra-sensitive skin, pink for sensitive/normal skin, and blue for combination skin. There's also a mini version and a Luna for men too.

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  1. Hello! Thank you or your review, I am in between the pink and blue foreo luna. one is for sensitve/normal and the other one is for combination. May I ask if you think the two extra bristles lines on the blue make a big difference? I have normal/combo skin, a little sensitive, I am leaning towards the blues as I think that it might provide a deeper clean with the extra lines of "big stubs" however I am afraid it will be too harsh or strip my skin or make it dry, from your experience, would you recommend the blue one?

    1. I don't think the extra big stubs would make too much a difference. I haven't used the pink one, so I can't tell you for sure. I also have normal/combo skin that tends to be dry and using the blue one isn't too harsh.