Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Everyday Hairstyle: The Pompadour Ponytail (Video Tutorial)

Pompadour Ponytail

Ok, this is your annual reminder to not get stuck in a hairstyle rut!

I admit that this summer I sported the messy bun like it was going out of style, and I was reminded today that I needed to break that habit.

I was browsing through my YouTube subscriptions and came across Sarah Conley's video on how to create a pompadour ponytail. By the way, Sarah's blog, StyleItOnline, is a must-read.

Watch the tutorial below...

Immediately after watching the video I was thoroughly inspired to do something different, so I put on my Prince channel on Pandora, (because music makes everything more fun, after all) and whipped up my own sassy pompadour ponytail. As you can see from the photo above that my bump isn't quite as pompous as Sarah's because I don't have dry shampoo and my hair is a bit oily. Regardless, it works for me!
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