Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How To Do the Sports Luxe Trend

If you can’t stand the thought of the gym (and I don’t blame you), you may have steered well clear of the Sports Luxe trend for now. But as the summer season comes to an end, and we’re going to be spending more time hiding away from the Great British weather, the Sports Luxe feel is going to be a lot more comfortable.

‘Sports Luxe’ refers to luxurious sportswear as seen on the Spring/Summer 2013 catwalks. The best thing about the trend, it wasn’t ever actually intended to be worn whilst doing sport! Here’s a look at how to work the look:

Embrace comfort

The best thing about the Sports Luxe trend is that it’s a fashion fad that actually embraces comfort. So often fashion crazes come and go with no attention to practicality, but when you’re being encouraged to relax in stylish leggings, dance-appropriate joggers and flattering fitted vests, that can only be something to get on board with. When it comes to popular colours for this look, expect both whites/pastels that are soft and comforting, as well as black and neons which pack a punch in a more girl-band fashion.

Re-discover the trainer

Before the Sports Luxe trend hit the high-street, I hadn’t worn trainers since my PE days. Now I’ve fallen in love with them all over again, and all because of the subtle addition of a wedge heel – giving instant glamour. The hi-top wedged trainer is a set to be a bit of a modern classic for those who like comfortable yet alluring sporting shoes. OK, it’s not advisable to wear them actually doing anything active, unless you want to twist your ankle, but they look great on everyday errands or even a night out. You can choose from Velcro strap leather designs or neon accented lace-ups.

Try an all in one

Want to sort the Sports Luxe look in one go? Show off an athletic silhouette in a soft cotton jumpsuit and team with heels. For the last days of summer, look out for shorts style jumpsuits with a zip front, you can flash a bikini underneath and team with jelly sandals ideal for the beach.

Neon Pink Backpack
Don’t forget the finishing touches

You don’t have to don head to toe Sports Luxe to celebrate the trend, but if you do fancy going all out sports chic, then don’t forget the finishing touches with athletic accessories including neon sports rucksacks and sweatbands! Plus, don’t be afraid to play around with the look and add a splash of sporting chic to your current wardrobe. It’s such a relaxed vibe that just wearing a pair of hi-tops with a midi dress can work, or team your usual heels and mini with a baggy boyfriend sweater.

Jenni Stone is a style blogger from the UK. She first experimented with the Sports Luxe trend when she fell in love with a pair of wedge hi-top trainers and needed a sporty, casual outfit to go with them.


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