Friday, September 20, 2013

Turn Summer Beachwear Into a Fall Fashion Staple

Fall In San Diego

Ah, just when I was starting to get used to very warm, humid weather, I wake up this morning to breezy, cool weather. No complaints here! Besides spring, fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. Boots, layering clothes, and getting all cozy with a cup of hot chocolate makes me giddy with joy.

I also love getting creative and turning some of the summer wardrobe pieces into stylish ensembles for fall. Last year I talked about transitioning summer dresses into fall outfits, but have you ever thought about transforming something like a swimsuit coverup into a fall outfit?

The black mesh v-neck shirt tail dress I'm wearing is from the Jordan Taylor beachwear collection. You would typically wear it over a swimsuit, but here I'm wearing it with a pair of fun leggings I bought at a sample sale in L.A., a grey Gap tank top, and black velvet wedges...

Fall Outfit

Looking Forward to Fall

Summer Into Fall


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