Thursday, December 19, 2013

Add Some Sparkle to the Holiday Blues

Holiday Jewelry

High necklines and bulky sweaters shout out for a little sparkle to break those seasonal blues. This winter the runway is all about bold jewelry that makes a statement. So, how can you incorporate the latest trends and bring some sparkle to the holidays while adding a little passion to those cold winter nights?

Something Old… Something New

A woman’s jewelry box tells a lot about her. This may be the perfect time to organize and sort through those tried old baubles. Get rid of what just doesn’t work anymore, give them to friends, or donate those tired trinkets to the local thrift shop. Once you have cleared containers, boxes, and earring holders you’ll be ready to make room for something new.

Jewels and semi-precious gems are all the rage this year: agate, cat’s eye tourmaline, amethyst, azurite, garnet, moonstone, Mexican barite, onyx, rock crystal, cubic zirconium, quartz, and turquoise are some of the stones that will add the right amount of bling to a frosty fling!

I’ve been oohing and ahhing over this amethyst and diamond necklace from Michael Hill...

Amethyst and diamond pendant necklace

Rings and Things

Metallic stacking rings, crystal trophy, geometric, antique gold, split, glass rhinestone, and white diamond rings are likely to become your new best friends! Leather gloves have made a comeback; gloves of every type - opera, elbow, and wrist length styles look great coupled with jewel bedecked cuffs, bracelets, bangles, and charms worn in combination with artistic nature-crafted rings.

Bracelets and Gloves

Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings

Woven leather, oxidized brass collars, chunky chains, and crystal necklaces will spice up those holiday blahs. Bracelets, bangles, charms, and friendship bands can be worn alone or in multiples. Plan to balance the look with a single piece that provides a dramatic focal point.

This winter earrings are as stunning as ever. Red with pearl, frosty orbit, gold plated, crystal earrings, and ear cuffs create quite a stir, as do gold and silver-tone, turquoise, and diamond hoop-earrings. Chandelier earrings are another terrific accessory regardless of the season, but add elegance and drama to any holiday dress.

Take Your Holiday Outfit To Another Level

Add a little fantasy with stunning embroidered collars, gilded fabrics, tiara-style headbands, or Victorian chokers. If that still isn’t enough, throw in some leather, faux fur, that sheer camisole, a tightly-cinched suit, an eclectic bodysuit, tights, and/or beaded black lace.

Holiday Glam Outfit

Black is the New Black

It's easy to go with a simple black outfit, but why not add glamour with shaggy furs, brocades, and smooth black leather. Go from blue to black with a stunning vampire-collar or a bat-wing peplum. Create a punk-glam twist with bold gothic charms and chains. You could even throw a coal-black stone choker into the mix.

Never Go Wrong With Colorful Jewelry

If black isn’t helping you escape the holiday blues, add a kaleidoscope of color: jewelry in gemstones - fake or real - will help shake off that seasonal melancholy. Gorgeous glass beads combined with silver, 70’s abstract splashes, and 80’s corporate-disco will bring a techno dash to help carry you from day into evening… in the brightest of hues!

I plan to wear these chandelier earrings (pictured here) I made and haven't worn in awhile. What will you be wearing this holiday season?


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