Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why Is Weight Still An Issue?

Because of complaints, the lingerie store La Perla removed a mannequin from a store window - a mannequin so skinny that its ribs were showing.

If I had seen this mannequin a year ago, I would have thought it was offensive too. After all, we see enough skinny women in fashion magazines, and the more you see skinny women, the more you think that you should look that way too. I get that. That's one of the reasons why I stopped buying fashion magazines.

However, what if La Perla had a skinny mannequin and a mannequin that looked like a "regular" (whatever that means) woman. Would it have caused the same uproar? Why is it OK to shun a skinny mannequin, but it's fine to have a plus-size mannequin in a window?

To be honest, I'm a little tired of talking about this weight issue. If a woman wants to be thin, let her. If a woman wants to be overweight, let her. As long as a person is happy and healthy, what's the problem? Who is to say that a skinny person with their ribs showing is not healthy? What if he/she has a genetic disorder that makes the body this way? Who are we to judge other people? Who are we to tell a company what they should or shouldn't put in their window?

I understand there are women who have eating disorders and are addicted to plastic surgery because they view this fashion and beauty world that defines beauty in a certain way, and they want to look like that. Many young women especially are fascinated with celebrities and how they look.

I think the conversation we should be having is this idea of uplifting people and building up their self esteem in a way so that the notion of weight never even crosses their minds. The focus would be on being healthy, period. In my perfect world, people would be so confident and comfortable with themselves that they could care less what’s being portrayed in the media or what mannequins look like. They don’t want to look like so and so. They are completely happy with who they are.

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